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Campout XII Tickets Now On Sale Aug 25-27 2016 Pioneertown Palace 

Campout XII is on!  

Aug 25-27 2016 Pioneertown CA

Details will be announced shortly. 

Buy Three day passes here

Buy Friday night passes here

Buy Saturday night passes here

Why no thursday night passes?   Thursday night is usually reserved for three day pass holders.  Some tickets will be available at door, capacity permitting. 


 KOLARS  10:15 - 11:15  
Hickman- Dalton   9:00- 10:00 
Skylar Gudasz   8:00 - 8:45  

Camper Van Beethoven 9:30 -  11:00 pm 
Jesika Von Rabbit  out side  8:30-…

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2016 Camp-In schedule for January 28-30, 2016 - JUST ADDED! KEVN KINNEY! 

at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia USA!

Thursday January 28, 2016:
Cracker Duo 10:20 -11:30 
Kevn Kinney 9:30 - 10:15 <--- JUST ADDED!
The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants 8:30 - 9:15

Doors 8:00


Friday January 29, 2016:
Victor Krummenacher Band 11:45- 12:30
Camper Van Beethoven 10:15  - 11:25  (performing OBRS in its entirety, and other songs of great enduring strength and beauty)
Buffalo Hawk 9:15 -…

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Berkeley to Bakersfield

by Cracker

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Cracker has released their tenth studio effort, entitled Berkeley To Bakersfield, on 429 Records. It’s a double-album that finds this uniquely American band traversing two different sides of the California landscape – the northern Bay area and further down-state in Bakersfield. With founding members David Lowery and Johnny Hickman anchoring the project, they’ve brought in a host of musicians to help out, including putting together the original Cracker lineup for the Berkeley side (see credits below). Berkeley to Bakersfield was recorded by Drew Vandenberg. 429 Records released the album worldwide on December 9th.

Despite being less than a five-hour drive from city to city, musically, these two regions couldn’t be further apart from one another. In the late ‘70s and ‘80s a harder-edged style of rock music emerged from the Bay area, while Bakersfield is renowned for its own iconic twangy country music popularized, most famously, by Buck Owens and Merle Haggard in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Yet despite these differences, they are both elements that Cracker’s two cofounders, David Lowery and Johnny Hickman, have embraced to some degree on nearly every one of their studio albums over the last two decades.

As Lowery explains, “On the Berkeley disc the band is the original Cracker lineup - Davey Faragher, Michael Urbano, Johnny and myself. This is the first time this lineup has recorded together in almost 20 years. We began recording this album at East Bay Recorders in Berkeley, CA. For this reason we chose to stylistically focus this disc on the music we most associate with the East Bay: Punk and Garage with some funky undertones. To further match our sense of place we often took an overtly political tone in the lyrics.”

“This Bakersfield disc represents the ‘California country’ side of the band. Throughout the band’s 24-year history we’ve dabbled in Country and Americana but this time we wanted to pay homage to the particular strain of Country and Country-Rock music that emerges from the inland valleys of California.”

  1. 1 Torches and Pitchforks 02:12
  2. 2 March of the Billionaires 03:37
  3. 3 Beautiful 03:03
  4. 4 El Comandante 03:07
  5. 5 El Cerrito 05:04
  6. 6 Reaction 02:38
  7. 7 You Got Yourself Into This 03:14
  8. 8 Life In The Big City 03:52
  9. 9 Waited My Whole Life 04:13
  10. 10 California Country Boy 03:13
  11. 11 Almond Grove 04:35
  12. 12 King of Bakersfield 04:57
  13. 13 Tonight I Cross the Border 04:19
  14. 14 Get On Down The Road 04:57
  15. 15 I'm Sorry Baby 04:43
  16. 16 San Bernardino Boy 02:57
  17. 17 When You Come Down 04:04
  18. 18 Where Have Those Days Gone (Bakersfield Mix) 05:59
  19. 19 When You Come Down (Alternate Thayer Sarrano Vocal) 06:35
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